MyGOSSCon 2011


Key Trends : Opportunities and Leverage for the Linux/OSS Ecosystem  by Kam, Han Wen [ PDF ]

Building a Cloud Database with PostgreSQL Challenges & Innovations  by EnterpriseDB Corporation  [ PDF ]

The MySQL Diaspora by Colin Charles, Monty Program Ab [ PDF ]

Phase III - Self Reliance : Malaysia Public Sector Open Source Software Master Plan by Dato' Dr. Nor Aliah binti Mohd Zahri, MAMPU [ PDF ]

Cloud, Mobility & Performance Testing by Fairul Rizal Fahrurazi, MIMOS Berhad [ PDF ]

Open Source Solutions are The Key-Katalysts for Successful Digital Transformation by Frans Van der Star [PDF]

Conclusion for a successful digital transformation is Integral implementation of Open Source software essential. Resume - Independent, Proportional, Flexible for changes future, Excellent for huge databases, Great opportunities graduates.

The State of The Dolphin by Ivan Tu, Oracle MySQL Global Business Unit [ PDF ]

Ensuring Sustainable Open Source Product Roadmap by Tien Soon. Law [ PDF ]

7 Steps to Building a Better Content by [ PDF ]

How Public Services Agencies can achieve better productivity and efficiency using common platform shared services framework by Adi Budiman, Industry Principal Public Services SEA [ PDF ]

Innovation Happens Elsewhere : The Case for Liberalizing Access to Government Data by Mohammed Firdaus and Muhd Sharuzzamal Bakri, Persada Terbilang Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

Using Cloud and Python for promoting Jawi Usage by Mohd Zamri Murah, hamdan Abdul Rahman, Khairuddin Omar. UKM [ PDF ]

Overview of Open Source Software in Healthcare by Dr Molly Cheah  [ PDF ]

Open Source Software (OSS) Opens e-Learning Doors by Niccholas A. Suppiah, KnowledgeCube Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

Dashboard, Flash Maps & Kpi visualisation in the cloud using Vanilla Open Source Bi Platform by Patrick Beaucamp, Founder of the Vanilla Project [ PDF ]

Implementasi Perisian Sumber Terbuka di Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor – Potensi dan Peluang oleh Rosnizam bin Eusoff. Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor [ PDF ]

Developing a Help desk System from an Open Source CMS by Shamsuddin Wira bin Shamsuddin, ANM [ PDF ]

No matter what type of open source CMS we are using, it is a good to fully utilize it. CMS is just one scope. While maximizing the use of your CMS is like “exploring the whole new world”.

New Economy of ICT Empowering Public Sector Digital Transformation by Dato' Dr. Nor Aliah binti Mohd Zahri, MAMPU [ PDF ]

Driving Innovation Through ICT Maturity Assessment in Public Sector by Dr. Mokhtar bin Mohd Yusoff, MAMPU [ PDF ]

ICT is a tool that supports business performance. However, ICT processes also need to be measured to ensure optimum performance enhancement. Hence, toolkit represents an innovation in the self-assessment of ICT performance.

Standard Operating Environment – A Services Based Implementation Model to Improve TCO by HP [ PDF ]

Digital transformation in the public sector : Global best practice [ PDF ]

Finding and Funding ICT in the New Economy : IDC Predictions 2012 by Victor Lim [ PDF ]

Sustained innovation for the public service by Abbas Abdul Wahab, JPBD [ PDF ]

The Growing Importance of Information and Analytics by Richard Wong, Frost & Sullivan [ PDF ]

Analytics is only as good as the quality of data used.

Cloud Computing - Enabling New cost models for ICT Initiatives by Tyson Dowd, Microsoft Asia-Pacific [ PDF ]

Open Clouds: Economic Growth Catalyst through 1Malaysia Collaboration by Damien Wong, Redhat [ PDF ]

Key Trends That Will Drive ICT Innovation and Investment by Delesh Kumar Chandrakant, Frost & Sullivan [ PDF ]

The new competitive age will provide companies a very short window of opportunity to milk and key differentiation. Market leadership today does not secure growth going forward. Cost, convergence, technology access and growth in individual personalization will drive technology evolution in the years to come. A lot of the building block for technology evolution we are seeing today have been there for a long while – successful players have banked on building platforms that meet consumer need. Companies will have to consider not only target market but also how target market will consumer services as key market entry strategy. Companies will have to evolve business model in order to monetize services in increasingly competitive market space.

James S L Yong Director, Public Sector Programs Cisco Systems Inc social networks cloud services broadband mobility enterprise architecture video innovation security shared services outsourcing web services Health Public by James S L Yong, Cisco [ PDF ]

Analytics in Delivering Efficient & Excellence in Public Sector Delivery by Shrinivas Kowligi, IBM [ PDF ]

Shared Web Services for Goverment - a working open source model by Virginia Choy, PretaWeb [ PDF ]

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) Success Story At Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka (JKMM) by Syamzul Anuar Abd Nasir, Abyres Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

Future of Open Source & the Network Effect by Jim Harris [ PDF ]

A large Variety of Free and Open Source Desktops for Current and Future Needs, Including Tablets by Uwe Dippel, Uniten [ PDF ]


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