MyGOSSCon 2009

Strengthening Public Policy Using Open Source Principles by Harish Pillay, Open Source Affairs APJ, Red Hat [ PDF ]

Information Management Division by Hasib bin Mansor, Ministry of Health Malaysia [ PDF ]

Finding A Suitable Open Source Gis For JPBD, Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) [ PDF ]

SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) with Open Source Tools by Abd Rahman Johari [ PDF ]

Effectively Using Plone in a Government Agency by Abdullah bin Zainul Abidin [ PDF ]

BIND: DNSSEC Implementation Guidelines by Amir Haris Ahmad, Senior Researcher [ PDF ]


DNSSEC is not a magic bullet but will become an important component – Through providing the DNSSEC infrastructure one enables apps and resolver to innovate. .my NSSEC ready in 2010. Root name server will be signed July 2010.

Best Practices for Sourcing Enterprise ODD by WebMeridian Techbologies [ PDF ] 

A Personal Perspective from a Software Entrepreneur in Malaysia by Christopher Chan – The Media Shoppe (TMS) Bhd [ PDF ]

Managing open source components in a multi-source development process by Donald Liu, Black Duck Software [ PDF ]

Championing Open Source Software in AeU by Nurhizam Safie Bin Mohd Satar, Dean, School of ICT [ PDF ]

Make Lovely Code, Not Framework War by Errazudin Bin Ishak, Senior Engineer Software Dev & Central Engineering [ PDF ]

OSS Implementation In Sudan by Nile Center for Technology & Research (NCTR) [ PDF ]

Courses, trainings, implementation and training on the job the innovative Web-based Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) FOSS-advocate by Frans van der Star [ PDF ]

Breaking the Virtualization by Barrier Harish Pillay, Red Hat Asia Pacific Pte Ltd [ PDF ]

F/OSS & Democracy : SERIS & Indonesia’s 2009 Presidential Election by Harry Sufehmi, MSc [ PDF ]

IT Asset Inventory Management and Monitoring using Open Source by Jamalulkhair Khairedin Conatus Management Sdn Bhd [ PDF ]

The Future of Linux is Software Appliances by James Tan, Senior Software Engineer [ PDF ]

Immoveable Asset Management System for the Malaysian Public Sector (mySPATA) by Kathirrasan K Kupusamy, Public Sector ICT Consultant, System Development, MAMPU [ PDF ]

ICT Careers And Employment Methodologies For Visually Disabled by Krishnakant [ PDF ]

Moodle It's not just for kids by Mark Stevens [ PDF ]

Transforming Public Service Delivery To Meet the New Economic Order by Dr. Nor Aliah Mohd Zahri Deputy Director General (ICT) MAMPU, Prime Minister’s Department [ PDF ]

Best Security Practices in Combating Cyber Crime by Alvin Tan, McAfee [ PDF ]

Asterisk a Revolutionary Cost Effective Platform for all your Needs by Marco Di Cerbo, CSO – Intuittech Sdn Bhd [ PDF ]

Data Visualisation Using Open Source Software by Mark J. Rees, Chief Technology Offcer, Century Software (M) Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

OSS in meeting Human Capital Needs, Obstacles and Solutions by Eng. Mazen S. H. Elsayed [ PDF ]

Mapping Process from Concept to Physical for Community Open Source Knowledge Management (OSKM) Environment by, Modi Lakulu, Rusli Abdullah, Mohd Hassan Selamat, Hamidah Ibrahim, Mohd Zali Mohd Nor, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) [ PDF ]

Successful Implementation of Open Source Integrated Library System (Koha) in Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI), Universiti Sains Malaysia by Mohd Nasir Hj Md Rashid, USM AMDI, USM [ PDF ]

Malware Avoidance with Open Source Software by Muhammad Najmi bin Ahmad Zabidi, Department of Computer Science Kulliyyah of Information & Communication Technology International Islamic University Malaysia [ PDF ]

OSS Social Networking by Nasrul Amri Samsudin Open Source Developers Club Malaysia ( [ PDF ]

Achieving Fine-Nines - The OSS Way by Nuzrin Yaapar, Adamant System Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

Building an Open Source Economy With Competence at the Center by Michael Tiemann, President, Open Source Initiative, Vice President, Open Source Affairs, Red Hat Inc.   [ PDF ]

Strategy Considerations for Collaboration in the Cloud - Clouds on the Horizon by Paul Kangro, Chief Technology Officer Novell Asia Pacific [ PDF ]

What Linux Desktop can do that others can't by Prakash Advani Partner Manager-Central Asia [ PDF ]

Challenges in Implementing Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) in Engineering Education by R. Badlishah Ahmad (PhD, Associate Professor), Dean, School of Computer & Communication Engineering UniMAP [ PDF ]


Plenty of engineering related software (good for student when they graduated) can be used for teaching. Human skills (lecturers & technicians) are not ready/prepared to change. Convincing people is difficult because - don't know about it (software) - for academicians software requirements are different – not all software are available on NU/Linux and plenty of pirated software copy sold everywhere. Most GNU/Linux training are suitable only for system administrator. GNU/Linux are not ready for Desktop/notebook until recently. Need to have power & knowledge to implement the usage of FOSS. Currently 30% of total staffs in SCCE using GNU/Linux (mostly Ubuntu) – targetting 60% by end of 2010. Get yourself Ubuntu DVD, install & use it.

“OPEN SOURCE 2.0” The Way Forward by Rozita Osman Global Portfolio & Profiling Multimedia Development Corporation [ PDF ]  

Free As In Freedom by Redhuan D. Oon [ PDF ]

Open Source Learning Management System Roll-out to Schools by Malaysia Ministry of Education [ PDF ]

Practical Usage In Government Agency To Archive Uninterrupted & Central Managed Application Service With Efficient Resource Utilization by Saifuddin Nair Abdullah [ PDF ]

Open Source Virtualization Trends by Syamsul Anuar Abd Nasir,  Warix Technologies / Fedora Community Malaysia [ PDF ]

You're Using Open Source Software... Yay! … Now What? by Tiki Shabudin [ PDF ]

The Potential of Free and Open Source Software in Research and Development (R&D) by Uwe Dippel, COIT, Uniten [ PDF ]

Measuring the Effectiveness of Running a Cryptographic Process On a Virtual Machine Against Side 

Channel Attacks, with The FOSS by Yasir Khalid [ PDF ]

Open Source and Open Standards in the Next Generation Data Center by Dean Samuels, Principal Solutions Architect Linux, VM and Open Source,  Oracle Asia-Pacific [ PDF ]

Open Source DCC “Teach me Pencil!!!” by Victor Yap [ PDF ]

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