MyGOSSCon 2008


Transforming Public Service Delivery Through OSS by Dr. Nor Aliah binti Mohd Zahri (MAMPU) [ PDF ]

Innovation with Open Source by Murali Sagi PSM Director, Information Management and Corporate Services [ PDF ]


Using open source software in a business environment is challenging but if you use it appropriately it will deliver enormous benefits. The Commission could not have achieved its outstanding success with technology without the flexibility and tools for innovation offered by open source software.

OSS DELIVERS FOR SABAH : Public Service Administrative Renewals Through OSS by Dr. Mingu Hj. Jumaan, Director Sabah State Computer Service Department (JPKNS)‏ [ PDF ]


IT does not transform Public Service and the Public Service cannot be transformed without IT. IT as enabler of the transformation. Importance of IT make the renewal rocess happened. Boosted by the introduction of OSS. Need to manage OSS to bring full potential to the government.


Implementasi OSS di dalam Aplikasi Terengganu e-Government dan infrastruktur Pusat Data Negeri Terengganu by Ishamudin bin Hashim, Pengarah Unit Pengurusan Maklumat Negeri, Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu [ PDF ]

“LAN-Proxy for Malaysian Meteorological Department” by Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD), Under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation [ PDF ]

MBMB'S Migration To O.S.S. by MAjlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah [ PDF ] 

University Email Management with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) Open Source Edition by Pusat ICT, UPSI [ PDF ]


Open Knowledge Regime for an Innovation Economy by Jaijit Bhattacharya, Director, Asia South and India Government Strategy [ PDF ]

FOSS: Building a strong ecosystem by Pia Waugh, Consultant – Waugh Partners, Founding Member – OLPC Friends and President – Software Freedom International [ PDF ]

Linux & Open Source Usage In The Fortune 500 by Shane Owenby, Senior Director linux, Open Source, and Virtualization [ PDF ]


Catalysing Growth Through OSS Solutions by Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry (PIKOM) [ PDF ]

Thoughts on Open Source, the ICT scene, Pervasive Computing & Web 2.0 by Ang Chin Han, Technical Director, Byte Craft Sdn Bhd [ PDF ]


“Open Source, by the nature of being worse, is better, like the big 3 companies, to catapult your pervasive application to become the next Web 2.0 phenomenon.”

OSS Changes Enterprise Application Landscape By Su Shin Cheow, Chief Technology Officer, TechnoDex Berhad [ PDF ]


OSS has matured in the service and support offering in the enterprise space. OSS is gaining the momentum as the alternative to the enterprise proprietary/closed-source application. This creates new opportunities for the local ICT players in the enterprise application space.


The Malaysian Free Software Community by Ditesh Shashikant Gathani [ PDF ]

Intel Linux and Open Source Strategy by Chew Kuan Beng, Intel [ PDF ]

Sharing the USM Health Campus Experience by Rasid Abd. Rahman Centre for Knowledge, Communication & Technology (PPKT) [ PDF ]


Usage of FOSS by System and Network Administrator is amongst the most popular OSS implementation world-wide. FOSS Network Management tools available are as
complete as the commercial offering (feature-wise). Implementation of any management tools needs commitment, planning, discipline and knowledge. There are still a lot to be done by PPKT to fully utilise all these FOSS tools.

Building and Maintaining Vibrant Open Source Communities by Gopi Ganapathy Essentia & Tim Cloonan Jaspersoft [ PDF ]


Building a scalable website using Model View Controller Framework based on Ruby on Rails [ PDF ]

Empowering Asian Through OSS  Human Capacity Building Programme by Nurhizam Safie Mohd Satar, Dean, School of ICT Asia e University [ PDF ]

Creating Innovative  E-learning Environments by Dr. Azman Firdaus Shafii, Quantum Beez Sdn Bhd [ PDF ]

UMExpert is an Academic Portal in University Malaya [ PDF ]


Relevant functionalities and features for UMExpert System to reach the objective as a complete academic portal for University Malaya.


MySQL Best Practices by Colin Charles, MySQL/Database Group, Sun Microsystems Inc [ PDF ]


Focus on storage engines; mix and match; think MyISAM and InnoDB. Backup? Online backup comes in 6.0. If using InnoDB, --single-transaction, makes a mysqldump in a single transaction not locking up your database. mysqldump -f –single-transaction -T/var/backup/test test. Get MySQL 5.1.29-rc

Open Standards ­The Key to Interoperability by Nah Soo Hoe, FOSS and Open Standards Advocate [ PDF ]

Interoperability crucial in current heterogeneous environment – conformance to standards needed. Standards that are open and non-discriminatory preferred as no ependence on any single entity, all types of products can implement them, all interested parties can partake in their development. Open standards not the same as FOSS.
In many instances, demand and usage of open standards go hand-in-hand with FOSS. The Internet provides many examples of open standards that have been successful in making diverse applications, running on different platforms achieve interoperability.

Kebaikan Membangunkan Aplikasi Mengunakan Php/Mysql Berbanding Dengan Informix/Sistem Proprietary by Yusoff Abdullah Perbadanan Memajukan Iktisad Negeri Terengganu [ PDF ]


A Multipurpose Software Tool for Engineering by Hasliza A Rahim @ Samsuddin School of Communication and Computer Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis [ PDF ]

Network Security Simulation using OMNET++ by Amran Ahmad and Assoc Prof Dr Suhaidi Hassan, InterNetWorks Research Group, UUM College of Arts and Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia [ PDF ]

Integrating Open Source with Information Technology Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programmes at IIUM by Dr. Norshidah Mohamed Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs) [ PDF ]


Connecting the World: Open Source IP Telephony by Ditesh Shashikant Gathani, Software Manager, Qubeconnect Sdn Bhd [ PDF ]

Libraries Go Open Source by Mohd. Nasir Haji Md. Rashid, Adnan Hamid and Akla W. Ismail Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang [ PDF ]


OS ILS has its challenges as well. Until now most of the vendor (library software) have built their business around a proprietary software development model, due to this libraries have been slow to adopt open source. Also, many libraries do not have the in-house expertise (even university libraries) to support OS development, and
also don't have ability to train staff on the use of new technologies. Libraries solely rely on software vendors (providers) to provide them solution and support as well.

e Promis (engineering project management information system) by Sharul Hezry Isahak, Information Systems Controller, Malaysia Airlines Berhad [ PDF ]


Open Source Software Engineering Tools by Salina Binti Mohd Asi, Universiti Malaysia Perlis [ PDF ]

The Use of Open Source Software In an Institute of Teacher Education – Temenggong Ibrahim Institute of Teacher Education's Experience by Haji Abu Bakar Bin Haji Sahari Ketua Jabatan Jabatan Teknologi Pendidikan Institut Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim Johor Bahru [ PDF ] 


Bagi perisian sistem untuk digunakan Internet / intranet strategi yang diambil ialah strategi explore, download, install, modify, use (EDIMU). Mengikut strategi ini pensyarah meneroka dan memilih sistemsistem sumber terbuka yang ada, dan dengan kod sumbernya boleh didapati, sistem yang dipilih dipasang dan diuji lari. Jika perlu, sistem diubahsuai mengikut keperluan untuk kegunaan institusi. Bagi perisian aplikasi, strategi explore, download, install, use and promote (EDIUP) digunakan. Terdapat banyak perisian aplikasi sumber terbuka dalam bidang yang pelbagai. Pensyarah meneroka perisian-perisian yang mungkin sesuai digunakan dalam bidang atau mata pelajaran
masing-masing. Perisian ini dimuat turun, dipasang dan diuji lari. Jika perisian sesuai digunakan, ia akan dipromosi melalui edaran dalam bentuk CD dan latihan penggunaan melalui kursus / latihan pembangunan staf.

Effortless Web Development Using Php By Kamaruddin Malik bin Mohamad, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) [ PDF ]

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