MyGOSSCon 2007


Bridging the Digital Divide: Taking OSS to the rural and Orang Asli Community by Dato’ Yaacob Nordin CEO, KPerak INC Corporation [ PDF ]

A Successful Case Study on FOSS : Implementation in the Manufacturing Sector by Yong Yoon Kit, Royal Selangor International Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

FOSS will play an important role in the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector. It can be deployed relatively easily. Awareness is still low but changing. Governments can play an important role in wider FOSS usage.

Increasing Competitiveness and Quality Through Collaboration “Taking Advantage of FOSS Development Best Practices and Community“ by Khairil Yusof [ PDF ]

Open Source Deployment Experience Sharing by Seah Hong Yee [ PDF ]

Open Source means availability of source code and freedom to modify. Regardless of what you think, you will need the source code at some point in time. Migration Cost and Stability very much dependent on choice of distro and applications. TCO can be low if special attention are paid on important issues. Don't reinvent the wheel. Expect differences between system/OS.

Stimulating OSS Economy Through Incentives by Ahmad Azhar Abdul Hamid [ PDF ]

Ekonomi OSS/OpenOffice oleh Hj Mohsin bin Sarip, Pengarah Teknologi Maklumat, Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah [ PDF ]

Pelaksanaan O.S.S./OpenOffice membantu ekonomi negara!

eSILA : Pelaksanaan di JPA oleh Bahagian Pengurusan Teknologi Maklumat, JPA [ PDF ]

OSS in High Performance environment by Ruchith Gunaratne, Chief Technical Officer , hSenid Software(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

Pengalaman menggunakan OSS dalam pengurusan peralatan dan perisian ICT di Politeknik Kota, Melaka oleh Abd Razak bin Md Nor [ PDF ]

Walaupun Open Source Software(OSS)­ percuma­ tiada nilai tetapi ianya amat bernilai untuk sesebuah organisasi. PKM telah menjimatkan kos sehingga RM200,000 setahun kerana menggunakan perisian OSS dan menguruskan sistem server dengan kepakaran sendiri. Saya cadang Pengurusan ICT menggunakan OSS bagi pengurusan server dan client PC. Masa telah berubah dimana­ dulu susah sekarang senang install­ cth Ubuntu,Open Office dll. Perisian OSS yang PKM gunakan menyebabkan jarang berlaku kerosakan server, internet laju (proxy server) sangat jarang aduan yang diterima ada kaitan dengan sistem Server (Linux).

OSS Implementation Guidelines by MAMPU [ PDF ]

Sharing OSS Experience In Ministry of Finance Malaysia by MOF [ PDF ]

Bridging OSS Communities Towards a Holistic and Self-Sustaining Ecosystem by Dr. Raslan Ahmad, MOSTI [ PDF ]

The Malaysian Public Sector Open Source Software (OSS) Master Plan by MAMPU [ PDF ]

Software Sovereignty : Why Open Source Is A Key Issue For Government Policy by Sun Microsystems [ PDF ]

Investment stays In-Country - Develops skills and develops industry with global relevance. Foreign Exchange Preserved ...instead of funding others economies. IP issues Moderated - No License Piracy and No risk of policy leverage. Security Enhanced - Transparency leads to inspection.

Pelaksanaan OSS di PBT oleh Datuk Hj Zaini bin Md Nor, Datuk Bandar MBMB [ PDF ]

The OSS Revolution – Driving Business Applications : OSS for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - A Pragmatic View [PDF]

Using F/OSS in Health Care Industry: Driving Business Applications - Open Source Health Care Alliance (OSHCA) [ PDF ]

Leveraging Open Source for Business by Qube Connect [ PDF ]

Innovate or DIE !. Evolve to creators and drivers of technology. Open source assists in innovation – Concentrate on core competencies and differentiation. Take charge of ICT. Live long and prosper !.



Embedded System Development using OSS by Prof. R. Badlishah Ahmad, UniMAP [ PDF ]

Presented the advances on embedded system development technologies using advance 32 bit SBC and integration of OSS in engineering undergraduate curriculum. The works is quite at a very early stage and there are so many issues to be addressed and skills to be acquired. With this type of hardware advancement a more intelligent and multifunction robotic and network (or ICT based) equipments can be developed. The lack of Unix/Linux and C programming skills and knowledge are identified and causes the slow pick-up of the development process. Integration of using GNU/Linux in teaching are crucial in order to produce Computer Engineering graduate to get involve in this advance embedded system application/devices development. The use of TS5500 SBC boards from Technologic System and integration of GNU/Linux in degree curriculum will hopefully equipped students and engineers/researchers in UniMAP to be ready to develop more advance embedded system. With such human capitol, Malaysia are able to design and develop ADVANCE embedded system commercialized products.

Enhancing Human Capital Through OSS Training by Nurhizam Safie, OUM [ PDF ]

A way forward. To upgrade the community to be OSS Center of Excellence for OUM. Focusing not only training ->R&D. Encourages students to do research and
projects in OSS.

Usage of Open Source (OS) software in multimedia courses: OUM Experience [ PDF ]

Computer Network Using GNU/Linux Environments and Applications by Mohd. Alif Hasmani Abd. Ghani and Muhammad Aiman Mazlan, UniMAP [ PDF ]

Our syllabus has been integrated with Open Source technology and it has been continually improved since 3 years ago. Emphasized on network application and architecture using Open Source. Good learning experience for students and good expose for our student to cope with the industry’s demand.

OUM Distro: New Exploration in Open & Distance Learning Mode of Teaching [ PDF ]

OUM Distro is an exploration project for OUM with some multimedia customisation to suit the requirement in multimedia courses. It could be adopted to all programs, not just for OUM, but for all higher learning institutions, as well as for all schools in Malaysia.

GCC – GNU Compiler Collection by Salina Mohd Asi, UniMAP [ PDF ]

Learning Management System, OUM's experience by Hazalina bt Hashim [ PDF ]

Teaching Real Time System using Single Board Computer and using Single Board Computer and GNU/Linux GNU/Linux by UNiMAP [ PDF ]

Pemodelan Rangkaian menggunakan Perisian Open Source bagi Pengajaran dan Penyelidikan oleh Aznor Hanah binti Abdul Halim, UNiMAP [ PDF ]

OMNeT++ salah satu perisian open source yang mudah untuk pemodelan rangkaian. Ciri-ciri aturcara dan hierarki yang mudah dalam merekabentuk. Simulasi grafik – membolehkan pengajaran bagi subjek rangkaian lebih mudah difahami. OMNeT++ juga memudahkan penyelidikan pembangunan model rangkaian – bagi mengkaji prestasi rangkaian.

Open Source eLearning Platform : Learning Management System - Claroline by Mr. Nasrudin Abd Shukor, Director ICT Center, UNiMAP [ PDF ]

Bridging OSS Communities Towards a Holistic and Self-Sustaining Ecosystem : Teaching and Research – Universities [PDF]



The Importance Of Open Standards in Public Sector ICT Implementation by Nah Soo Hoe, FOSS and Open Standards Advocate [ PDF ]

Interoperability crucial in current heterogeneous environment – conformance to standards needed. World is moving towards more “openness” where user has control over the data/information – open standards can help make this happen. Standards that are open and non­discriminatory preferred - no dependence on any single entity, all types of products can implement them and all interested parties can partake in their development. Open standards not the same as FOSS - In many environments, demand and usage of open standards go hand­in­hand with FOSS. Key benefits to nation if public sector deployment of ICT uses open standards as much as possible. An open standard is needed for office documents. ODF should be supported as international open standard for office documents.

Oracle’s Commitment to Open Source by Blair Layton, Senior Manager, Developer Program Oracle Asia Pacific [ PDF ]

MyWorkSpace by MAMPU [ PDF ]

Web Development with Ruby on Rails by Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin RSB [ PDF ]

ODF – The Key to Preserving Government Data by Dr. Yusseri Md. Yusoff, CTO of Omnilogic Sdn Bhd [ PDF ]

ODF is just a file format – a container, if you like. As an ISO standard, ODF should be universally applicable. Adoption of ODF brings benefits, some of which are rather intangible (rather like insurance – you don't need insurance except when you need it). Widespread adoption of ODF means freedom of choice, and The guaranteed preservation of yourdata, for all time.

MyMeeting by MAMPU [ PDF ]

Software Engineering Standard and Open Source by Prof. Shamsul Sahibuddin, CASE UTM [ PDF ]

Penggunaan Moodle dalam Latihan Perguruan Berasaskan Sekolah oleh Hj Abu Bakar Sahari, Ketua jabatan TMK, IPTI [ PDF ]

“Linux & Open Source Software for the Public Sector: Past, Present, Future.” by Ang Chin Han, Byte Craft Sdn. Bhd. [ PDF ]

Advanced Virtualization Facility by MAMPU [ PDF ]

Interoperability – The new paradigm by Sandeep Menon, Novell West Asia [ PDF ]

Virtualization: Redefining your IT Infrastructure by Harish Pillay, Red Hat Asia Pacific [ PDF ]

OSS Industry Trends : Why Openness matters more than ever by Kam, Han Wen [ PDF ]

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